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Chiropractic Adjustment

From Our Patients

Dr. Peter Skalenda is an outstanding chiropractor and healthcare provider. When he emailed me from Mexico, where he was on vacation, to see how my foot was, I knew I was in exceptional hands. From attentive and helpful in-office care, to follow-up and 'just checking in' emails, to warp-speed references, Dr. Skalenda continues to amaze me with his efficiency and effectiveness. I highly recommend Dr. Skalenda.

Sylvia K., 59 years old

I've been a patient of Dr. Skalenda since 1998. I was unhappy with the chiropractor I was seeing at the time and I was suffering from a lot of upper back problems from too much time at the computer and some nagging sports injuries. After just a few treatments from Dr. Skalenda, I felt infinitely better. Since then I've been going to Dr. Skalenda for regular maintenance treatments since I still spend too much time at the computer and hurt myself playing sports. I have never been anything but completely satisfied with the treatments I get from Dr. Skalenda and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good chiropractor.

Steve K., 61 years old

I first met Dr. Skalenda when I had an attack of acute lower back pain at work; he squeezed me in on a Friday afternoon! During that visit he suggested he could do something to help my migraines. I have been a long-term sufferer of severe debilitating tension headaches and migraines, and was popping pills on a regular basis. Although a little skeptical, I gave it a try. Six months later, my headaches are almost gone, and any headaches I have are much more manageable. I feel like a new person!

Dr. Melanie L DDS, 36 years old

I would recommend Dr. Peter Skalenda very highly. He does miracles with my back. He also was able to correct my knee issues even better than my physiotherapist. Peter takes the time to get my issues back on track. Would you believe he got my trigger finger (stuck tendons in my finger) back to normal? If anything came up where I needed to see him in a hurry, Peter would do his best to fit me in. Peter is definitely my go to guy for anything back related.

Mike B, 61 years old

For over a decade, Dr. Skalenda has been a health care provider for me and my family and we love him! Peter skillfully guides you through the pain issue diagnosis and all the therapeutic stages of recovery that follow. His considerable experience coupled with a variety of current pain management treatments allows us to leave the clinic free of our aches and pains! He sincerely cares deeply for all aspects of our health wellness and works tirelessly until results are achieved.

Optimistic and joyful in nature Peter himself sets an excellent personal example of “good health” living. We admire him for his hard work ethic, loyalty and impeccable integrity. Often referred to as an extended family member we feel fortunate to have him as an essential member of our health care team.

The Jacoby Family

Thoughtful, thorough and effective are words that I would ascribe to Dr. Peter Skalenda. Due to a sports injury more than 3 decades ago, I have had need of many chiropractic treatments over the years. Neck, back and leg issues have driven me to seek medical attention and of the several doctors I have seen, Peter has been the most beneficial bar none. His follow up care has been particularly helpful and a significant indicator to me of a doctor who is genuinely interested in the well-being of his patients.

Jim C, 61 years old

We just wanted to write you to let you know that since starting our Chiropractic treatments, both my husband and I have felt a significant difference in our quality of life.

Before chiropractic, I would get debilitating migraines sometimes more than once a month. Now, they only happen 2 or three times a year at most. My husband used to suffer from lower back pain that used to cause him pain doing the simplest daily tasks like getting dressed or light lifting. Now he has no pain.

Though regular maintenance has become part of our lives, the best part of your services is your flexibility. On several occasions I have injured my knee or back and you have always been flexible to fit me in, quickly assess and provide a successful treatment plan to get me on my feet again.

I used to be afraid of chiropractic, and now I am afraid to live without it!

Looking forward to continued good health!

Kim and Ben B, 44 & 45 years old